A student’s mind should not be limited to a course of syllabus. It’s way beyond the four walls of an institution’s classroom. Theoretically understanding the knowledge is offered since kindergarten which does not suffice the requirement of a student, how do we embed it and use it practically stands more Importance for now. We at IIT-Pulse, follow this golden rule for our system. With our expertise and skills, we create opportunities for students for great wisdom and success. Our 12 hours availability of teachers guiding within the coaching schedule for any reason is at utmost priority, since we don’t want a student to have any room of doubts while student returns to home. We believe in motivating personally and professionally, as it goes hand in hand. 

Tailoring into systematic methods, working model for schedule lined up for each day and effective teaching is the key. Amidst enhancing the skills of young students, our agenda is to perfectly blend student’s mind with the subjects leaving him with adequate self-confidence and optimism while giving any competitive exam. IIT Pulse is less about assuring and working on the beliefs for making the success happen in a student’s life. Our vision is wide and simple, to make effective results with the best efforts that we can put into each student’s success. 

MR. SUNIL GUPTA (Director & HOD Physics)

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